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Sweden is a land known for its natural beauty and clean environment. We farm our land focusing on sustainability and the preservation of the environment. The Swedish farming practices are carefully designed to ensure the quality and safety of our food. Caring for the land and the soil is in our blood

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We trust our surrounding environment. Our clean air, rivers and seas make it possible for us to forage wild plants, pick berries and collect mushrooms from our forests, enjoy wild-captured fish and high quality domestic grown crops. For us, it’s the natural way of life, which we strive to preserve. 



DID YOU KNOW?              

  • Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union in area. 
  • 17% of Sweden’s surface is covered by blueberry bushes and only a few precent are picked. 
  • 8% is farmland. 
  • Between 300,000 and 400,000 moose (Alces alces) roam the Swedish woods.

Swedish food products hold the highest standard especially in the areas of food safety, minimal use of antibiotics and pesticides, animal protection and sustainability. Several leading global food producers have therefore chosen Sweden as their base for food production.



The official control of food and food production covers the entire chain from producer to consumer. The controls are independent from financial or other interests. Controls, evaluations, improvements and revisions by the authorities are performed regularly. The responsibility for the control of food is shared by the National Food Agency (NFA), the Swedish Board of Agriculture (SBA), the 21 County Administrative Boards and 290 municipalities, in co-operation with the National Veterinary Institute (NVI). Ultimately, the Swedish Government and the Parliament are responsible for the control of food. 


The Swedish Oat Value Chain is thoroughly controlled and sustainable; from plant breeding and seed, to cultivation, machinery, commercialization, feed, grinder, to bakeries and stores. One example is the sustainable and non-toxic solution for chemical-free seed, i.e. ThermoSeed™, which is attracting interest from all over the world. Sweden is world-first in using sustainable grain cultivation on a large scale. By using eco-driving, GPS, environmentally friendly fertilizer and other methods, climate impact is decreased by 20% and biodiversity is promoted 20%. 

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